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I’ve been seeing Ali for several years and she has had a profound impact on my life and recovery. She always listens to me, supports me, challenges me, and empowers me through all the ups and downs of recovery. I’m a lot further in my recovery than I ever thought I could be, and Ali has been a key part of that. She has been instrumental in my relationship with exercise and body image. In the past, I truly didn’t believe I could ever have a peaceful relationship with exercise or my body image, but Ali has helped me believe that this actually is possible for myself. As I’ve built up my life more and more throughout my recovery, she has helped me navigate eating and recovery in relationships, school, work, and other new opportunities in a way that I’m able to be present in my life and connect with others. Ali has a special gift for working in this field.

- Rachel, 28 years old

Ali makes me feel safe, heard, and cared for. She knows when to push me and when I just need space to be listened to. Throughout the past couple of years, Ali has helped me step away from diet culture and replace negative beliefs about myself and food with ones that are neutral. She has supported me through countless meals and snacks and is a provider that truly practices what she preaches. Navigating the recovery process is incredibly difficult, but Ali makes me excited to do so. I look forward to our sessions, knowing that I can speak openly and honestly about my struggles with someone I respect and trust. Ali is so much more than a dietitian. She is someone I look up to, someone who inspires me, and someone who has forever changed both my recovery and my life.

-Maddie, 21 years old

I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing with my daughter. It is so wonderful to see how excited she is at the prospect of making food less scary and intimidating. When you and I spoke, I knew you would be a good match for her, and the fact that she is excited for your sessions proves that that was true. She was so excited, she wanted to FaceTime with me to tell me all about what she did today. She has a strong desire and willingness to get better when she has someone who doesn’t make her feel judged or embarrassed. Thank you for being that person for her, in an area where she has always struggled. As a former picky eater, I know how hard it is to test the waters when you feel like people are mocking you. I’ve been eating vegetables for decades and my parents still laugh and act shocked when I say I love artichokes. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we see what a difference you are making in her life. Thank you. 

- Sheri, mom of 23 year old with lifelong ARFID

"I have spent my whole life fighting my body and trying to change it using food. You have provided me with a path forward that is going to be hard but it's way better than continuing to feel so badly about myself."

Suzanne, 38 years old 

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